Game Reaction: Green Archers vs Growling Tigers

You can’t help but feel disappointed with last Saturday’s loss.  On the other hand, you can’t help but admire how the Green Archers fought back and forced OT despite how they played.

Missed free throws are a given. What’s more glaring are the 24 turnovers and the 30% shooting from the field. The team played tentative as they had so many missed baskets inside. The 9 assists in this game does not necessarily mean there was no fluid ball movement. In fact the team showed a conscious effort to find the open player it’s just that they could not hit their shots.

Despite the horrid shooting, La Salle managed to keep the game close with good defense and by dominating the boards especially on the offensive end. The team had 7 second chance points as compared to 4 by UST. They were also able to get 10 turnover points.

The Tigers didn’t play exceptionally well either. Jeric Teng and Abdul were the only two who came out offensively.

Overall, even with all the things that went wrong in this match, the Green Archers had all the chances to win. They just fell short in this one.

It’s just the first game. We don’t think this would be an indication of how they will perform throughout the season.