Mbala ineligible this UAAP season. But Wait, There’s More!

As expected, the UAAP board barred Ben Mbala from playing in the upcoming UAAP season.

Early this year, it was reported that Mbala played in a pocket tournament down south last December. His participation was a direct violation of the UAAP ruling for players serving residency.

The actual residency rule for redshirting players is just one year. Mbala played one year for Southwestern University in Cebu before transferring to La Salle in 2013. The UAAP consequently made a new rule that foreign players need to sit-out for two years even for a transferee from a local university.

La Salle did not anymore appeal to the board decision. Rules are rules no matter how ridiculous they might seem. It was clear that Ben made an infraction and now he has to sit-out another season.

This development is not a surprise to many. What’s actually more intriguing is the inclusion of two new players in the list submitted to the eligibility committee.

1. Jeron Teng
2. Abu Tratter
3. Jason Perkins
4. Thomas Torres
5. Prince Rivero
6. Julian Sargent
7. Darryl Pascual
8. Larry Muyang
9. Joshua Torralba
10. Anrdei Caracut
11. Jolo Go
12. Lorenzo Navarro
13. John Gob
14. Leo Joson
15. Andrew Langston
16. Ben Mbala 

Leo Joson is a 6’6 center from Cypress Bay high school in Florida while Andrew Langston is a 6’3 shooting guard from Cape Henry high school in Virginia. Both are Filipino-Americans and are eligible to play this season.

Now that’s a surprise!