The Clipboard: Final Four-ward La Salle

A lot has already been said about last Saturday’s heartbreaking loss to Adamson. Heartbreaking is an understatement when this game should have been theirs from the beginning had they just played their normal game. But the questions is, what is the normal game of the Green Archers? So far this season, we still don’t have a clear idea on what really is the identity of the team on offense and defense. We leave it up to them to figure this out and we hope they make the necessary adjustments.

We therefore proceed with the final four picture. At 5-5, the Green Archers are currently at the number 4 spot in the standings with a 1 ½ game lead over NU. A victory over the Bulldogs will ensure the team of at least a playoff for the last spot in the top four and at the same time putting more separation between themselves and the other squads at the bottom half of the standings. Ideally, two wins in their last four games in the eliminations would be enough to guarantee them a place in the semis.

But hey, aiming for number 2 is still mathematically possible if they sweep their remaining games and by some odd chance UST loses to UE, FEU and AdU. That’s quite a stretch but who knows? The important thing right now is to treat every game as a must-win from this point on.

Contrary to what many think and say, the Green Archers’ season is not over and they have full control of their final four fate. If the team still has some fight in them, tomorrow’s game against an opponent in desperation mode would be the perfect opportunity to show it. Are they up to the challenge?