The 4 P’s from the Green Archers’ win over UE

Not the one-sided final score many expected but there are still a lot of positives to take away from the Green Archers’ 84-78 win over the winless UE Red Warriors.

Playing through adversity

Despite the depth this team has, it just shows that we can’t expect them to play perfect and win comfortably every game. There will be times like this that they will struggle even against teams they are expected to beat easily.

This is good actually as the Archers will learn how to adjust in different kinds of situations. It was evident that they were in disarray when coach Aldin was ejected but they still managed to pull off the win. Last Wednesday’s match was a test of their character and resolve and this will benefit them in the crucial stages of the tournament.

Play hard, no matter the opponent

As mentioned before, it really comes as a surprise to see where UE is now. There were several games in which they could have won had they executed better down the stretch. Tough luck indeed.

Winless they may be but never count out these Red Warriors. The Green Archers were a couple of turnovers away from losing this one. Just shows the need to have the same intensity and mental focus whoever they will go up against.

Players that needed to step up, stepped up

We were long aching to see Prince Rivero and Andrei Caracut have a breakout game this season and they finally did here. Both combined for 20 points which is big especially since Jeron Teng and Abu Tratter were not able to produce their usual numbers. Their performance in this game is big boost for their confidence.

“Player’s Coach” Aldin Ayo is

We can all agree or disagree on what he did that led to his ejection and eventual one-game suspension but one thing is clear, Coach Aldin will fight for his players and his team. Other teams could have just wilted without their head coach on the floor but not the Green Archers. They still managed to hang tough till end.

This just shows the positive impact Coach Aldin has brought to the team.