3 Burning Questions for the Green Archers heading into the 2nd Round

Undefeated, the Green Archers have never been this dominating since the 2002 UAAP season.  Winning by an average of 15 pts, the team is just head and shoulders above everyone else right now and they appear on track of finishing with the best record and possibly sweep their way to the finals.

Despite the success, there are still some questions the team needs to address as they enter the 2nd round of competion:

1. Will Jeron Teng still be Jeron Teng when he returns from injury?

The team is just loaded offensively right now and as shown in their last game against Ateneo, they hardly felt Jeron’s absence and still managed to win convincingly. But still, the Green Archers would need him back if they are to go all the way this season.

Though Ben Mbala has been the big difference this year, the Green Archers will still go as far as their Team Captain takes them. Jeron remains to be a picture of consistency and has always delivered when the team needs it the most just like in those tightly-contested matches against FEU and NU.

Let’s all hope that bone spur surgery will not have any significant impact in his game.

2. Are the Green Archers ready to respond to adversity?

It’s a given that when you’re on top, everyone will want to bring you down. Come the second round, the team should expect their opponents to even double their efforts and resort to whatever means necessary to beat them.

Except against FEU, NU and surprisingly UE, the team has faced less tough situations this season. They will surely face some challenges towards the latter stages of the tournament when the stakes are way higher.

The team needs to be ready to respond positively.

3. Have the Green Archers peaked already?

As good as they already are now, is there more that we have yet to see?  Well, our coaching staff were quoted in saying that they are just playing to around 70 to 75 percent of their potential.

We have seen so many instances where teams who we all thought would run away with the championship lose steam towards the end.

Let’s see if the Green Archers can sustain the same energy and drive until the very end of their campaign.