Greenstincts: La Salle is too deep, too big and too strong

If there is one thing to say about the Green Archers’ pair of overwhelming wins this past week is that this team is just too deep, too big and too strong.

The Depth is Deep

Except for the injured Jollo Go, every Archer got to see action in both games.  The nice thing about big leads is that the bench players can get the opportunity to show the wares for a longer period of time rather than just the final minute of the match. We can very well say that we have indeed a very talented roster wherein each member can contribute significantly when given the chance. The team is just too deep that you can be confident that another player can fill-in the slack when the regulars have a bad shooting night.

Overwhelming Size Advantage

The disparity in these stats is astonishing; Offensive rebounds, 26-13 against UST and 34-13 against UE. Second chance points, 32-6 against UST and 30-6 against UE.

In their game against UST with the outcome already settled, Coach Aldin fielded in perhaps his tallest 5 to play together on the floor; Ben Mbala, Jason Perkins, Abu Tratter, Julian Sargent and Mark Dyke. All players stand above 6-foot-1.

You can make whatever interpretation you wish with this move by Coach Aldin but one thing is for sure, the Green Archers are a dominant force in the paint.

Archer Strong

In the last two games against UST and UE, their average winning margin was 36 points. Not surprising when in fact they’ve been blowing out teams on a regular basis this season.

This is something we have not seen from the Archers in the past several years, that killer instinct. We were so used to see past La Salle teams take it easy when they have a comfortable margin and eventually losing the game in several occasions. But not this year’s squad, they will continue to pound on the opponents until the final buzzer.

At 12-0, the Green Archers look to keep the momentum going as they play their last two elimination round games against ADMU and FEU starting next week.