Top 30 DLSU Green Archers who played in the UAAP in the last 30 years.

As we commemorate DLSU’s 30th season in the UAAP, we list down the top 30 players to don the green and white in the league.

The La Salle Men’s Basketball team has produced a lot of great players and it was really hard for us to choose who will make it to our list. To qualify, they must have at least played two seasons in the UAAP.

The Early Years


1. Johnedel Cardel (1988-1991)
A 6’0 high-flyer who was a key member of the 1989, 1990 (and 1991*) championship teams.

2. Tonyboy Espinosa (1991-1995)
A gritty guard who isn’t afraid to take it to the rack. Was the main court general of the team in the early to mid 90s.

3. Teddy Monasterio (1986-1990)
At 6’1, he created a lot of mismatches at the point because of his height.

4. Jun Limpot (1988-1992)
Hardly saw action in his rookie year, he went on to become the main man of the team. A three-time UAAP MVP, Limpot led DLSU to two (actually three) championships. It’s still a mystery why his jersey number 9 has not been retired.

5. Elmer Lago (1991-1994)
Another high leaping guard who can score from above the rim and outside.

6. Gee Abanilla (1988-1990)
Provided steady leadership in the backcourt in the team’s first two title runs.

7. Dindo Pumaren (1986-1988)
The first star player of the team when they entered the league. Led the Archers to the UAAP finals in his final year in 1988.

8. Mark Telan (1993-1997)
Won rookie of the year in 1993 and back-to-back MVPs in 1996 and 1997. A 6’6 center with the skills of a shooting guard.

9. Dwight Lago (1990-1992)
Provided solid support at the forward position in all of this three years playing for La Salle.

10. Jason Webb (1991-1995)
A tall point guard who led the team to two finals appearances in the mid 90s

Turn of the Century

11. Joseph Yeo (2001-2005)
“The Ninja” electrified the crowd with his gungho style of game on both ends of the floor.

12. Adonis Sta Maria (1998-2002)
In the years when the team were without a dominant center, Adonis held his own against the elite big men in the league.

13. Calijohn Orfrecio (1995-1998)
His contributions on hustle and defense was gold in their run to the championship in 1998.

14. Renren Ritualo (1997-2001)
No detailed explanation needed. The fact that his jersey number 4 was retired is a testament to his legacy.

15. Don Allado (1996-1999)
Won back-to-back MVPs in 1998 and 1999 while leading the team to a championship in those years.

16. Willie Wilson (1998-2002)
A defensive specialist. He did all the intangibles to help his team win.

17. Mike Cortez (2000-2002)
With his height and athleticism, he simply redefined the point position in the league.

18. Mac Cardona (2001-2004)
A 6-foot-1 shooting guard with an unorthodox set of offensive moves.

19. Mon Jose (1997-2000)
Team captain of the 2000 UAAP Championship team. Provided solid leadership aside from being a terror on defense.

20. Dino Aldeguer (1996-1999)
He will be forever remembered as the one who made perhaps the biggest shot in UAAP finals history.

Dawn of the Millennials


21. Cholo Villanueva (2001-2007)
His steadiness and leadership was his main strength.

22. Tyrone Tang (2002-2007)
A cat-quick guard who was the lead playmaker for the team in the mid to late 2000s.

23. Ryan Araña (2003-2005)
Provided the spunk and energy on the defensive side.

24. JV Casio (2003-2008)
He simply made the big shots when it mattered.

25. Jeron Teng (2012-2016)
The face of the team as early as his rookie year. The 2013 UAAP Finals MVP, he looks to end his collegiate career with another championship this season.

26. Rico Maierhofer (2004-2008)
A lanky yet strong and athletic wingman.

27. LA Revilla (2008, 2011-2013)
Overcame a serious medical challenge after his rookie year to become a solid playmaker for the Green Archers.

28. Jason Perkins (2013-2016)
A force inside the shaded lane, he was part of the Mythical Five in his rookie year and was a vital cog in the team’s 2013 championship season.

29. Simon Atkins (2007-2011)
The leader of the team during the lean years.

30. Almond Vosotros (2010-2014)
A sniper from the outside. Best remembered for hitting that go-ahead basket that eventually propelled the Green Archers to the 2013 title.