La Salle’s Free-Throw Shooting: An Overlooked Improvement

With almost everyone focusing on the defensive lapses, it is noteworthy to mention the Green Archers’ remarkable improvement from the foul line this season.

For the older supporters, we all know very well that free-throw shooting has been a perennial problem for the team especially in the last 8 years. Countless winnable games were lost in the past due to these struggles.

Just look at the team’s free-show shooting percentages in the last 6 seasons. A good shooting rate would be between 70-80%.

2011 – 59.2%
2012 – 61.0%
2013 – 60.3%
2014 – 64.8%
2015 – 62.1%
2016 – 65.0%

This season, the Green Archers are currently the league leader in foul shot accuracy with a 77% clip. In fact, in their last game against UE, they made 33 out of 36 attempts (92%).

And who is the most accurate free-throw shooter for the team at this point in the tournament? It is Abu Tratter at 87.5% (21/24).

For a high-offense team such as the Green Archers, they have indeed made significant strides to improve this area in their game.