Shoulda Woulda Coulda

And they’re back.

Although I am always sad immediately after we lose a game, I am always amused (and amazed) by the nuclear fallout that follows.

Again and again I always say. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’m good with that. Fortunately (or unfortunately) though, a lot are given everytime we lose.

Some are legitimate suggestions and I think our coaches and players can discern which to use, which to ignore, and which to throw to the lions (some opinion makers really deserve the latter… my opinion).

Again, let’s put everything in perspective. We lost the game 57 to 50. And you gripe?

Yes it’s true. We only scored 50. Yes it’s also true. We had a 2 point first quarter. But isn’t it also true that they also scored ONLY 57? Isn’t it also a fact that while we only scored 2 in the first quarter, they only scored 9?

In other words, it was the complexion of the game. It was a combination of bad shooting, errors, and good defense. See? There’s good here.

Mind you. They only won by 7, the margin wherein the first quarter ended. That means, if you have been attending your math classes (for some, probably not), that both teams fought to a DRAW the rest of the way. 50-50. Exacto.

There were comments like these for instance. Where was Jollo Go? He could have turned a bad shooting team with a bright red hot hand. Two three pointers and the complexion changes right?

But have you also considered this. If the game changed into a high scoring one, would we have won a shoot-out with Adamson, specially the way we were shooting the ball? We would have been blown out of the court!!!!

Another funny comment. Brandon Bates was scoreless. Teach him to score please. Again, I pose a question. Yes he was scoreless, but was he USELESS?

Hahahaha. For anyone in basketball analysis who is worth his salt, that was a MONSTER GAME Brandon just unleashed in this game.

How many rebounds did he have? How many times did he limit Adamson to one possession? How many blocks did he have? Intangibly, how many shots did he change? Heck, if I were the coach of this game, if Brandon had scored around 10 points, I would have scolded him. For a game in the 50s scoring range, 10 points for him meant he produced 20% of our score. Would you want that? For the ball to be in the hands of Brandon 20% of the time on offense?

How about Andrei? After a monster game vs UE, he was ineffective here. What fault of the player or coach would you associate here? Bad night? Forced shots? Or good defense on him?

Guys, you always forget some things when you analyze a basketball game.

First, it’s played by a team. A team doesn’t have all scorers. Nor all rebounders. Nor all shot blockers. Nor all spitfire guards. Nor all coaches. A team is a combination of all of these components working together. And we have one. A very good one.

Secondly, the opponents ALSO have teams. Composed of the same components, but with slightly different configurations and working parts.

Thirdly, all teams have their own strategies as well. And in this case, for instance, we were up against a master strategist, one that actually gave us numerous championships, and is one of us. Believe it or not, as good as our coaches are, our opponents are really hard to beat, and this coach is one of the best.

Every time we lose,I always see this post from one of my friends. A friend closer to the team than I am. “Ang dami na namang coach na lumalabas sa FB”. Hahahaha. This always makes me laugh, specially this year, because I already saw it four times already. Everytime.The guy must have saved this in his draft folder and just resends it when we lose.

I repeat. It’s shuda, wuda, cuda time. Shuda done this. Wuda been better if……. Cuda put in……. And the sentence is always followed by Instead of…… HAHAHAHAHA.

Question? If you had handled the team today, you shuda, wuda, cuda have won it for us? From your armchair in front of your TV, or in one of your venue seats? While eating popcorn, pizza, french fries, or whatever junk is in front of you?

Guys, if you’re back with your opinions next time we lose, that’s OK. It’s your right. But please be more thorough in your appreciation of the game and our team. Our team needs support. And my friend’s FB post will no longer be amusing after a time. It will get old.