Don’t just believe whatever you read or hear

Days from the anticipation of a possible four-peat performance of our beloved women’s volleyball team, the community is a-buzz.

But wait!!!! What I’ve been reading so far is not about volleyball. It’s about our men’s basketball team.

It all started with a series of posts in social media regarding a potential recruit, and an existing big man, to create all this brouhaha.

I know the community is well familiar with these issues by now.

These posts was apparently taken in as gospel truth by some members of our community, and as such, resulted into more accusations, hurtful and destructive comments about our basketball team and its management.

In one of my articles last year, I delved on some of our negative fair-weather fans. It seems that leaving the venue before a loss and before singing the Alma mater song is just a drop of the negativity bucket.

It seems that we can do worse. And like it or not, believe it or not, we have.

We took these online posts as prophetic, without exercising our training. Some of us took the posts as fact.

What are we afraid of? An Ateneo three-peat? Not making the final four again? What? All these have already happened before. And we are still alive aren’t we?

What is really at stake here? School pride? Money? Support? Now is your chance. Air it out. OR IS IT HUBRIS????

Hey, we are all on the same boat here, and most of us have the same influence on the team…..little or none. Guys, a lot of people are getting hurt here, some of whom I know personally and have a greater deal of influence and stake on our team than us. We are merely fans and supporters.

What else? The coaching staff. What about it? No formal announcements? Heck, he might transfer to a school which fits his surname! How’s that for an angle?

Don’t crucify me for this article. You can take this whichever way you want to. By the way, at least I can tell you first hand that I don’t get paid here.

Guys, let’s support our volleyball team first. We are also treating them unfairly. Treating them as second class citizens to our basketball team. They have given more championships to us than our basketball team, and with more consistency, mind you. They need our support now, specially that most of them are new. It won’t be easy this year.

As for the basketball team, let the people who handle them handle the issues (if there are any issues). After all, it’s their time and money. Some of us contribute also but not like they do.

So just chill please. Don’t just believe whatever you read or hear.