Champions Don’t Dwell. They Respond

It’s been three days since that shocking loss to UP so I guess everyone has already recovered from that.

We understand how everyone feels. In all the years we have watched and supported the Lady Spikers, we can very well say that we have been spoiled to winning. That’s why any setback such as the one we have witnessed last Sunday will feel catastrophic.

The bar has been set so high. For most of us, this is unacceptable. We can’t bear to see them play at this level.

And for the haters, they sure had the time of their life, celebrating like it’s their team that beat La Salle. Oh please..

Everyone should understand that this is a different era now. Before, the team just had about one or two legit challengers for the title. Now, it’s like six-team deep. You can even count on the bottom squads to pull off a couple of upsets from time to time. Yes, this is the reality and with the sport continuing to gain more popularity, expect the competition to even intensify in the coming years.

We never try to be armchair coaches that blame or point out mistakes. We are not in a position to claim and act like we know everything.

Everyone should know our roles here. As media, we cover the games and write/take photos of what we saw. For fans, just cheer and continue to support the team win or lose. Let’s not be a bunch of spoiled, know-it-all brats and just leave the team and the players to figure things out. Most critics have no idea on what these girls go through each day, balancing their academic and athletic commitments. It’s not damn easy we can assure you.

To those who are starting to doubt the team’s chances, save your judgement after the tournament. Because until someone officially takes the crown away from them, they are still your three-time defending champions.

Now going back to the Lady Spikers, yes the struggle is real. This is perhaps the first time that they have faced such level of adversity and public criticism. Is the 4-peat expectations starting to affect them?

The issue is mental more than anything. They don’t really suck at service. It appears that they are starting to lose that psychological edge which makes other teams freeze just by seeing them enter the court. Ok, so the opponents are beginning to step up.

So what are the girls gonnna do now? They should know. They have been through this already. Remember just a few years ago when they can’t seem to figure out how to beat “heart strong”? They did what every champion team does, respond to the challenge. What they are going through is just a new obstacle that they need to overcome.

So for everyone reading this, trust that team will be able to respond and remain on track for that fourth-straight title. What happened last Sunday is over, do not dwell on this. We believe that the team is doing the same and are now focusing on their succeeding matches.

The coming games will be a test of character for the Lady Spikers. How they will respond will define their season.