Green Archers Finish Season at 6th

With Adamson winning their last assignment yesterday, the Archers were relegated to 6th place in this season. The last time they placed this low was way back in 1987 when the team was just in their second year playing in the UAAP.

We’re used to the Archers being closer to the top than to the bottom. So what does it feel to see our team (as far as this year is concerned) in the company of traditional cellar-dwellers? Wow! It’s terrible to say the very least. It’s even more frustrating now to be in a position to watch other teams still playing whereas so many times we were always part of the last season game to be played. This is one early vacation that we definitely are not looking forward to.

Everything that transpired this year to our team was definitely not what we are accustomed to seeing. Struggling offense, losing streaks, losing to lowly teams you name it; it had all the ingredients for a very disappointing season.

One might even question if this is the real Green Archers team or just some phonies pretending to be like them. Oh yes they are real! This is no dream. And no matter how many times you rub your eyes thinking if this is some kind of illusion, everything will still be the same. Face it guys, this was just not our year. Just from the preseason alone, we could have already foreseen that this campaign would be tough.

This definitely qualifies as a rebuilding year for the Green Archers. This team is young but full of potential. They could only get better in the coming years. Are we entering the so called “Dark Ages”? I don’t think so. Happy days will soon come again. Our young players, arguably among the best recruits in the collegiate leagues, will achieve their potential with a bit more experience. Hopefully, in nine months, we’ll see the Green Archers emerge from the cocoon that they were in this year, looking and playing like the Green Archers we’ve been used to seeing in the past.