Green Archers’ defense needs some work

It was the Green Archers’ turn to be on the wrong end of a game-winning shot this time.

While they were successful in comin back from a double-digit deficit and were one stop away from the stealing the win, it does not make up for the overall lack of energy and resolve the team displayed today. Even with Jamie Malonzo and Keys Meeker sitting out due to minor injuries, La Salle still had the upperhand in talent and experience. Complacency was somewhat evident.

But hats off to UE here. They made the big shots all game. Talagang “Suerte” sila sa araw na to.

With three games already played, it has become clear that the team needs to improve defensively. All of their opponents have managed to score at least 80 points on them.

If we look back at the last defensive sequence with 10 seconds remaining, the team had fouls to give. It was almost certain that UE would try to win it with a three pointer and the designated shooter would be Rey Suerte. The team should have anticipated it especially with Suerte doing the inbound pass.

Chalk this up to experience once again. Good thing there are still a lot of games to be played.

Would the outcome be different if the Green Archers were complete? Well probably but overall, it all comes down to playing good defense. Because the way we see it now, the effort to outwork their opponent on the defensive end is still lacking. We can’t simply rely on just trying to score more points than the other team.

Defense will be the key if they are to have a shot in competing for championship.

Let’s hope things will get better in the next game.