The Right Mindset: Play the Percentages, Shut the Trolls Up

Ko Here we go!!!!!! My goodness, we lost to the perceived and actual cellar dwellers of the tournament. The UE Red Warriors. And as expected. Here they come!!!! You know who you are. Hahahaha!!!!! I’ll get back to you later. I promise.

Now what do I mean by playing the percentages? Ok take the game as an example. How much did Baltazar score? Better yet. How much did Laput score? And how many rebounds? You get my drift?

We could have slowed the game down to half court sets and pounded the ball inside or at least, a medium range jumpshooting contest involving…..Justin Baltazar.

We were very successful with the bigs. And in order to play the percentages, we should milk advantages as we see them. As they happen. Right now, it seems like we want to impose our system and run opponents to the ground.

But that’s fine. All teams want to impose their systems on the other team. We have. On offense. On defense, well…they scored 89. And won.

Seriously, I think is was a bad game for us. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not because we lost. It’s because of our mindset. What do I mean?

Look, another article in a magazine I read covered it, but anybody who understands basketball in any language knows this phrase. “Offense wins games, defense wins championships”.

The second game between Ateneo and FEU illustrated this perfectly. That was a bad offensive game, and I mean the offense, not the game. Heck Ateneo only scored 63 points. If we had met them today, we would have blown them away.

But then again, when they weren’t shooting as great, they limited their opponents to only 46 points. That’s the mindset I meant. The pride of not allowing your opponents to score on you.

You know, we have a very exciting bunch of players who play a very exciting game of fast paced offense basketball. But that’s half of the story, because the other side of the coin is that we better have a very exciting full court defensive system to prevent what we oldies call a “no cheer offense”. For the young readers, it means that when you score, get back on defense to prevent the counter attack.

And this has happened before in the pre-season with the semifinals game against Lyceum. We ran, they ran. High scoring game. Balti was topscorer. Guys, Balti is the only big in this game that can do both. Run the floor and run back on defense. We didn’t have Malonzo or Meeker today, did we?

That game was Cebu league pace. It was CESAFI league pace. It was Kib Montalbo pace. We didn’t have Kib did we? And who did they have? The two time mvp of the CESAFI league. They didn’t have a play. They just gave him the ball, correct?

But you know, this is not a fault finding article, I am not a troll. And in my last article, I did say that anyone has a right to comment. Just choose your words for the team to listen. And I hope the team does listen because the people who know me, some of whom are involved with the team, know how much I support this team, this school.

Now for my promise (I always keep them). You TROLLS who said “Be patient? This team is not worth it! It’s a waste of time!” and so many similar words, ever hear of the saying “those that can’t, teach”? I’m quite sure that you can’t. But you don’t teach either. You castigate. You get on top of your high horse and shout to the high heavens “off with their heads!”

Well, these are my choice words for people like you. Get off the site! Don’t read any articles. Don’t comment anymore. As a matter of fact, if I only had the power, I would take you off myself!!!! And oh, you like winners? Well then support the team that just beat us and give high praises to that coach who looked like he was being strangled by Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi. That’s the look for you.

To the legitimate supporters, ANIMO LA SALLE!!!!!!!!