It’s Going To Be Very Hard

Our last game was very hard. It was very hard to watch. It was very hard to understand. It was very hard to analyze. And more importantly, it was very hard to accept.

I would normally start with the phrase “what the heck happened” but this time, every body’s comments only give fractionated answers.

The topics that come up are basically no team chemistry, Bates is a liability, where were Cagulangan, Hill, and Bartlett, the coaching staff has to adjust on the fly, what happened to the one and dones, our money is wasted, and the kicker of all kickers , change the management.

First, to be thorough, let’s tackle these basic points individually.

Bates is a liability. I wish I could disagree. But in the overall assessment, I wish I could agree. I’m sure that we are familiar with the saying “you play the cards you are dealt with. And such is the case. And oh by the way. Bates guards imports!!!!!

Remember, our premier big men already left last season. And during the off season, our coaching staff also left. So, what was left? We still had some star players in Melecio, Baltazar, and Caracut. Other than these three, I will fairly say that the rest of the team, whoever they are, still stuck around. And, we are still not grateful for that.

Where were Cagulangan, Hill, and Bartlett. Well, Hill is still not 100% after surgery. So the next question is why the hell was he lined up then? I can only speculate but we had a hand in that didn’t we. We were lacking at the 4 spot and one of our recruits went home. Also, we had been clamoring for a 16 man roster weren’t we? I suppose Hill still had some few minutes of usefulness this year and to ease him back to competitive fitness.

I admit that I don’t know what’s wrong with Bartlett so let’s chalk it up to a coaching decision based on match ups or a medical concern we don’t know. And as for Cagulangan. Didn’t we practically castigate the kid for almost losing the NU game whe he committed those crucial turnovers. And now we look for him.

Our coaching staff should adjust on the fly. Yes. We are worried. We are up against the most wily, veteran, coaching teams in UAAP history. I don’t only mean the coach. Feu for instance has all their star players of yesteryears. We have newbies. And apparently, evidently, still learning on the fly. Newbies guys. Not dummies. No room for learning because of a short season? Well, unless you think our head of basketball operations, Danny Seigle, is incompetent, I would really listen to him more than most of us. And oh before I forget. Aljun Melecio shot 2 of 12. Balti Baltazar shot 3 of 12. Still think it was coaching alone? Malas lang di ba?

What happened to our one and dones. Huh? One is our top scorer. The small one has an ankle injury, but still played. And the other is a serviceable big man who, like Bates, is a heavy body to try to push out very heavy and tall imports. I point this out again.WE DON’T HAVE AN IMPORT. Who wreaked havoc on the other side huh? An import who doesn’t score.

And here are my favorites. Our money is wasted, and the problem is management. I almost died laughing when I read this. REALLY?

This is first hand. A few of us DO contribute to the team’s cause. A certain amount for two guaranteed lower box tickets, and a certain amount for two guaranteed Patron tickets (for the others who ask why they cannot get prime seats at the box office, well now you know). And for the ordinary layman, they are not cheap. And I doubt most of you are even willing to part with your money for this cause, even if you can afford them. Now, if you ask me if I did, I will not tell you. That is private to me, and telling you that I do will only be bragging. But I know the certain amounts. Draw your conclusions from there.

BUT, is this enough? Hahahaha. Do you know who purchased the coasters and buses the team and the cheerleaders use every game? Do you know who built the dorms the players’ use? Do you know who sent previous coaching staff to San Antonio Texas, to meet with Chip Engellund as part of their coaches training? Do you know who bought all those wonderful and expensive Nike shoes for the players? Well if you don’t then you are not as smart as you think you are. And I would suppose so. Change management. HAHAHAHA.

Guys, it’s hard. It’s going to be very hard, specially this season. But management decided for a do over. And to expect a well oiled machine at this point in time is moronic. Even when you buy a newly introduced model of a very reputable manufacturer, more often than not, there are kinks that have to be ironed out, and there are recalls to fix them. Isn’t that similar to our team now?

Going back to the task being hard. No sugarcoating. It is!!!!! It’s daunting actually. But when does something very hard ever stopped a La Sallian from doing it anyway? You want to quit? If yes, then stop being a part of the community. If not, then, ANIMO LA SALLE!!!!!!