Fake News

In the past 48 hours after our defeat to the University of the Philippines, disturbing and annoying comments about a certain former player, were published by certain media groups.

Said comments have put the De La Salle community in a very bad light. An image tarnishing effect. In short, we are all a bunch of cry babies and we cried, or booed, as the statement goes, over spilled milk.

I would not normally write about non-basketball stuff, but in the long analysis of it all, it’s still basketball stuff, as will be explained later.

First of all, we have historical basis anyway. The Player in the limelight was not the only player in La Salle history who transferred to other schools. The likes of Paul Artadi comes to mind. A very cerebral and speedy guard from La Salle Greenhills, Artadi, as in all players, wanted to get some playing time, but came at the wrong era for us.

That La Salle team was loaded with a plethora of guards, like Dino Aldeguer, Mac Cuan and Mike Cortez. You could only line up so many in few positions. But Artadi transferred to UE and had a successful career in college, the pros, in local politics, and now is an assistant coach of UE. Had the guy stayed on, he wouldn’t even be known now.

I’m just using the Artadi case to point out that hey, we are Ok with players transferring out of our team for their personal development. We never held anybody back for any reason.
And there were a lot of transferees. Robert Bolick of San Beda, Brent Paraiso of UST, Matt Salem of NU, Mike Gavino JR Galanza and Mikee Reyes to UP, the Sison twins Brian and Brandon, Eric Reyes, Macky Escalona, Ponso Gotladera, Nico Elorde, the Ravena brothers of Ateneo, Arvie Bringas of FEU, Neil Tolentino of UE, Larry Muyang of Letran, Terrence Mustre of Adamson, the list goes on and on . Even in women’s volleyball, there were transferees, foremost in memory was Eli Soyud of Adamson.

Now their reasons for transferring vary, from playing time concerns, academic deficiencies, coaching and player conflicts, etc. Of course I will not pinpoint the reason to the specific player anymore.

But it happens often. Sometimes amicably and mutually, and sometimes with ill feelings or regrets.

I promised that I will tell the community that this is basketball related. It’s nothing more than out of court trash talk. Something that is intended to get into the minds of our players for the rest of the tournament, and our minds as a community to disunite us. Well, trash talk is really what it is. Just Trash. And we all know where it belongs.

My messages are these:

To the Green Archers, just don’t mind the social media and “news” clutter. It’s just what it is. Clutter. And utterly useless (that word again). Just prepare for our future games, including today’s game vs UST.

To the De La Salle community, just cheer as one. And when we encounter Mr. Player in the second round, please DON’T jeer him, call him names, nothing. Pay no mind to him.

And during the course of history of our player transferees, it may be true that some of them left us with bitter memories of their stint with us. Some left because of academic issues. But some left with the attitude of seeking better pastures. All are valid reasons.

But none of them ever commented that we booed them personally. Well we boo plays. We boo bad calls of the referees. Heck, all school communities do this.

To target one specific individual who transferred is not La Salle’s style nor cup of tea.

For the record, the player WAS NOT BOOED. Period.

Well, anyway, Animo to everyone. You’re still part of that. If you wish to be.