No Sugarcoating. A True Fans’ Nightmare and a Naysayers’ Dream

It’s really hard to get some writing inspiration after a game like that. I mean, how can you write positively to support the team and the community when nothing went right.

Nothing went right? Well that sounds too harsh. Too critical. Too true.

First of all, let’s congratulate FEU on their win. If we are ecstatic enough to inflict defeat on one team, we should be magnanimous enough to accept defeat.

You know, it was really hard to watch a game like that. I mean two hours of hoping that the game would turn in our favor at some point in time. Of course we know that moment never came.

But what made it really more difficult was reading the on and post game comments. And this time, it weren’t only the traditional trolls. Some of our usual supporters became turncoats as well.

Of course I understand the frustrations everyone was feeling. Don’t you think I felt the same?

What really happened here, basketball wise I mean? Come on. Let’s not over analyze any game. It’s simple. Aljun Melecio and Andrei Caracut did not play well, and FEU shot the lights out. Period. Make sense? Simple isn’t it. And no sugarcoating.

As to why, well, it’s just one of those days really. It’s what I call a sympathy game. The FEU players were sympathetic of their teammates playing well, so the others did as well, while our players were doing the same with Aljun and Andrei. Sometimes team chemistry sucks doesn’t it. Hahahaha.

To interject humor in this article may be in bad taste for some of you, but what is there to write about, really? As much as this was a what you may call a laughable performance, we really better just do that, for everyone’s sanity.

To put some reason as to why we played that way would only seem that we are making excuses. Well, the team did come from a bout of sickness and injury, and some may still not be completely healed. Understandable but when you put on the uniform, you play, period.

To read basketball suggestions and observations such as improve free throw shooting, rebound better, fight over screens, pick and roll plays killed us, we were slower to the ball, there was no energy, etc, hell, they are all valid. All basketball related comments are useful.

But to read and hear comments like there goes the season, next year na lang, Andrei and Aljun are not good enough to turn pro even in the MPBL?

We have time and again reminded all of us as a community, to choose our words, but apparently some of us really are just crabs. We cannot change that.

But as much as we did not sugarcoat comments of our team’s bad performance let’s not sugarcoat our opinion of these crabs.

If you are a true La Salle fan, let this nightmare of a game motivate us to do better, to support this team no matter what.

What happens now? What really happened was FEU just caught up with us. You were provided with the stats and the team’s position. We are still JUST TWO GAMES out of second place. Don’t you realize that?????

For you crabs, trolls, and as our theme title goes, you naysayers, nobody can change you. That’s who you are. No matter how much we remind you to tone it down.

This situation is a DREAM for you, isn’t it? Well enjoy. It’s your thing. Let’s not beat around the bush please. Just DON’T support the team anymore. STAY OUT of the site. DON’T WATCH the games!!!!

Those are OUR choice words for you. NO SUGARCOATING!!!!