That’s How You Finish The Season

Well although it’s not the tournament finish that we would have wanted. But that’s the way to finish a game.

And for the graduating seniors. Andrei Caracut, and Jamie Malonzo, they made sure that their swan song was a sweet one.

Nothing much to write about this game. Two words. Total dominance.

And there are two most dominant numbers here. Rebounding and Jamie Malonzo’s scoring numbers.

Adamson did not put up much of an effort really. And this differentiates the winning cultures of the two schools. Well their coaching staff still carries that culture. But their players did not embody it.

Allowing Malonzo to score 30 + points is a scrimmage. I think Adamson was already thinking of the rotation next season, as in the 1st quarter alone. They already used 11 players.

We were business as usual on the other end. Went to the right guys, the right plays, within the system. And Jamie Malonzo wanted to say goodbye in a big way.

Thank you very much, our beloved Green Archers, for the heroic effort this season. A lot of challenges came your way like illness and injuries. But not once did any player explain that they were sick or injured.

A performance like this should carry momentum at the start of next season. And we will have new hopefuls who may probably fill in the gaps, gaps that necessitated us to recruit our one and done’s. It wasn’t a failed exercise. We were in it to the end.

Till next season. Animo La Salle.