What’s Viral?

Hahaha. What a way to start an article. With a virus. The Covid 19 type. Well that’s deliberate not just for pun (get it?), but to also remind everybody to keep safe and practice cleanliness. Let’s battle this virus with zeal. And oh, pray. It works!!!! Ok, got that out of the way.

What’s viral?

Of course our Lady Spikers!!!! How about them huh? You know I don’t usually write about volleyball simply because I know very little of the sport.

But you can see that our women’s volleyball program is the envy, (hate to some fans), of all.

And we have a Master Tactitian in Ramil De Jesus. Come on!!!! Any pretenders? They wish!!! Hahaha.

What’s viral?

The toxic volleyball fandom. I mean some of their wishes, comments, opinions, expressions and desires emanate from personal disdain. Hahaha. Really???? Get a life!!! It’s just sports and competition. Just enjoy. You’ll live longer.

What is viral?

The termination of the NCAA sports season and the subsequent suspension of the UAAP season temporarily to March 17, 2020 (with a possible and similar threat). In line with this, that announcement of no classes in the NCR for the same period. Ahhhhh shucks!!!!!!!!

This is a very bad time to suspend or terminate activities. First of all, it’s graduation and recognition season. Frustrating on the part of the parents and their children. It’s a showcase taken away. A pride prick. In the words of my generation, bad trip repapips. (Hahaha. Guessing my age, mooks?)

Also, it’s the start of the vacation season. Parents go on leave to coincide with their childrens summer breaks and make their travel plans. Well it seems that the only ones travelling these days are bad news and the virus. Naman, naman (another time capsuled expression. I hope some still understand, otherwise, they’re all probably dead).

What’s viral?

The Green Archers’ 2nd win in the PBA Dleague tournament. Out come the “other type” of toxic fans. Not a dominant win? Close game with a team that just got blown away?

Hahaha. You’re just as toxic as the virus.

I DID expect a close game here.

Why? It was Manong Derek’s former team. Don’t forget that they know how to break and attack the press.

And notice the personnel? Justin Arana of Arellano. John Apacible of UE (former council man of Ateneo), Dave Murrel of UP, and Jerry Pinggoy of Adamson. Hardened and hard cage war veterans. Not an easy nut to crack are they?

And Pinggoy being there is prophetic. This was a quasi Adamson game. Remember who steers that team. Brother and mirror image coach, Franz. It was really a good test and it was good that it was a hard win.

Well we also didn’t play that well too. Aljun shooting 2/14. I mean your top Gunner shooting 14 shots out of 50 to 60 shots a game and making two. The rest of the team had to pick up the slack.

And guess who did? Justin Baltazar. 12 of his 20 points in the 4th. And if you don’t realize it, that old look anchor is actually a new look.

Why you may ask? It’s because Justin now does his damage in the 4th quarter. And again, this is because of the likes of Ndiaye, Brandon, and even Tyrus. Justin is still fresh in the fourth quarter, unlike in previous seasons where he and Aljun would have been spent by this time.

We should put our D league participation in it’s proper perspective please. Although we are out to win it, we are also there to discover the team’s character, strategies and rotation. And, so far so good.

Whatever’s viral nowadays, my advice is this. Just chill. Don’t treat everything like a toxic virus. We really have enough of that. Not that I’m dismissing that very real problem. It’s there. There are instructions on how to beat it. So let’s follow them. Let’s do it.

What’s viral? Hopefully not you. Don’t be the virus.