Lady Spikers get the win, Heckler gets the exit


The Lady Spikers get their eighth straight win against Adamson 35-33, 25-23, 24-26, 25-17 today. Jacq Alarca led the team with 19 points while Stephanie Mercado added 18.You just got to love the first set, the score truly exemplifies both team’s tenacity to win. We salute the Lady Falcons for giving our team a good fight.

Unfortunately the same could not be said about one of their supporters who relentlessly heckled our players, coaching staff and fans. This fan was escorted out of the arena by security personnel. Such boorish behavior will never be tolerated. Looks like he was there just to throw personal insults at our team rather than cheer for Adamson.

Pipe down! It’s just a game!