Lady Spikers Face Possible Sanctions

Reports surfaced late last week about the possibility that the undefeated Lady Spikers could forfeit some games due a violation of the UAAP rules banning participation of any players in outside tournaments while the UAAP tournament is ongoing. According to news reports, two Lady Spikers played in a tournament during the Christmas break, and this was reported in a tabloid.

Once La Salle was made aware of the situation, the school wrote the UAAP to inform them of the situation. The players in question were identified as Carmela Garbin and Clarisse Yeung, and the school barred them from further participation in the ongoing tournament until their status was clarified by the board. A UAAP board meeting is scheduled for next week, and it is expected that this matter will be one of the items  on the agenda.

If the players are declared ineligible due to the violation, the Lady Spikers could potentially forfeit all the games in which Garbin and Yeung played in – a total of 4. This is the worst case scenario, and if it occurs, instead of an immaculate 7-0 win-loss record, the Lady Spikers’ record will drop to 3-4, placing them in 4th or 5th depending on which schools benefit from the reversal of the results of their game with our team.

By volunteering the information to the UAAP and submitting itself to the decision of the UAAP, La Salle has shown once again that the school is committed to the tenets of fair play and integrity.

After today’s (Jan. 16) game against ADU which they swept in straight sets, the Lady Spikers tote a 8-0 W-L record. If the forfeiture is carried out, that record will drop to 4-4. However, with the way the Lady Spikers are playing, the team should make the playoffs.

The team has only given up 2 sets in 9 games, and looks like they are determined to retake the crown this year, even if the route to the championship could take a few detours.