What Are We SUPPOSED To Do?

What are we SUPPOSED to do this UAAP Men’s basketball season? Well we weren’t SUPPOSED to:
1. Win with only 7 men contributing.
2. Score ONLY 53 points and still win.
3. Outshoot UST from the 3 point line 7 to 2.
4. Make 82.40% of our FREE THROWS while UST made only 50%.
5. Win against UST in a tight end game.
6. Win with a last second shot by a ROOKIE. (YEAH RIGHT. This was BOUND to happen with THIS rookie).

We out rebounded UST 44 to 32, a thing that we were SUPPOSED to do. We also kept the score low with our slow game and good defense. Again, this was what we were SUPPOSED to do against UST. We shot horribly from the field (28.10%). Are we SUPPOSED to do this???? So, what ARE we really SUPPOSED to do??? Are we really SUPPOSED to follow the norms and expectations that people say about our basketball team? That we are a team with good defense but spotty and erratic offense? That we are a Final Four CONTENDER, but only with an outside chance to make it? Is this SUPPOSED to be our team profile?

Well I SUPPOSE that after this win, we DO HAVE a UAAP MEN’S BASKETBALL TEAM. I SUPPOSE that we DO HAVE a UAAP MEN’S BASKETBALL COACHING STAFF too. We now do the things that we ARE NOT SUPPOSED to do and STILL win a basketball game. Well, the law of averages had to be that UST was SUPPOSE to lose a close one sometime. And we had to win one by the same fashion also, after almost winning, then losing the first game in the same theme. But hey, except for the UE blow-out, our won (and lost) games have also been close ones. So we are also SUPPOSED to win in this manner.

I also SUPPOSE then, that our expectations of this team have been buoyed by this win. I SUPPOSE that we ARE a legitimate Final Four Contender after all. Two or three more wins and I SUPPOSE we are in the Top 4. Well, it is STILL too early to say. The other schools ALSO have a UAAP men’s basketball team representing them. I SUPPOSE that they too, want to be in the Final Four, with a chance to win the championship.

Well, whatever anyone SUPPOSES at this point doesn’t matter to us anymore. For SURE, this is NOT a supposition: This season, we have what doesn’t show up in the stat sheets. No ifs and buts about it. We have HEART!!!!!! (not supposedly have heart) We have GRIT!!!!!! (not supposedly have grit). In short, we have ANIMO!!!!!!!! (not supposedly have Animo). Hey this theme sounds familiar but I wont elaborate further. 😀

What is important is that teams will no longer look at us and expect us to self destruct in the end game, but look at us with FEAR that they are no longer sure of THEIR game against us come crunch time. Their hands and feet will now tremble when we stay close to them and bring them to the end game. Hey we played nine games so far, and the proof is in the pudding. WE GOT GAME GUYS (not supposed to got game). Final Four???? Top TWO????? A CHAMPIONSHIP SUPPOSEDLY this season?????? I SUPPOSE this is getting tiring? And old? Nahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!