The Perfect Storm

It was a stormy weekend. If one was commuting to the MOA Arena to watch Sundays’ La Salle-FEU game, it would have been one difficult journey just to watch a college basketball game. Well, I commuted yesterday. From Quezon City no less. Since the weather was as it was yesterday, I felt it prudent to take the MRT system to traverse the stretch of EDSA to its end, and from there, commute via cab to the MOA Arena, just to reach the venue on time, as I had other commitments before then. I also had a foldable umbrella with me, which is really not enough to full protect my 240 lb. frame.

What makes one endure this travel ordeal in the first place? The game was televised anyway. We can see the actual game in the comforts of our homes. With flat screens, HD cable services, and the comforts of our own living rooms, complete probably with drinks, popcorn, pizza, and other foods associated with sports watching. So the question is WHY?

Sunday’s game affirmed why we like to watch the games live instead of TV.  It was a Perfect Storm of a scenario.

While it was raining hard outside, La Salle and FEU rained in three’s almost the entire game. Vostoros again. I could have written a part 3 article about him, some sort of a trilogy in the mold of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the upcoming Hobbit trilogy. I would however just be stating the same things about him over and over again.

But so what?????? I will never get tired of saying that he is back. The Return of Almond Vosotros, Part 3. I will go one step further this time. Vosotros is no longer just a marquee player. He is now a SUPERSTAR in the UAAP. He is not only back, he got BETTER. The confidence in which he takes shots, the opportunities he creates because of this, and hell yeah, the FREE THROW SHOOTING efficiency!!!!!! He is no longer afraid to take the big shots and better yet, no longer “scared” of going to the line. He has become Mr. Clutch.

Of course, LA and Yutien are coming into game shape once more, after similar ankle injuries sidelined them for most of the second round. Give credit also to Arnold Van Opstal, who did a marvelous job on Anthony Hargrove, limiting his rebounds, getting into his skin, blocking some shots in the paint, and contributing on the offensive end as well. Credit also Thomas Torres, the feisty little kid who despite his boyish and lean frame, sacrificed his body in at least two occasions, and even draining a three point shot after he fished for that first offensive foul. A defense to offense brilliancy for sure.

The others who were used contributed greatly to the cause also. Jeron Teng was limited to around 10 points, but had at least 9 rebounds in this one. Norbert Torres canned two free throws when FEU was threatening to come back once again. Jed Manguera, getting into the whole FEU players’ heads, resulting in that ball throwing incident and getting us two free throws, both sank by Vosotros.

I had written previously that we had to play a Perfect Game against Ateneo on an evening where we didn’t have two of our starters. Well FEU did not have two of their own yesterday also (Arvie Bringas and Belo), due to disqualifying fouls the previous game that led to their suspension. It happened to us against Ateneo. It happened to FEU now, against us. I guess THEY had to play a Perfect Game yesterday, but they didn’t. We DID.

It was a very special win. It allowed us to stay in step with NU. NUs last assignment is their rescheduled game with FEU. We have a lighter assignment (but no shoo-in win whatsoever), against Adamson. We have to close out our last game to pressure UST, NU, and FEU to win their remaining games also. A victory by FEU over NU and a win vs Adamson, for us, is the best scenario. This will close out the Final Four participants immediately. Any other developments other than this may result into one team in a tie for second or third, or a triple tie for 2nd to 4th, or a knock-out game between the 4th and 5th spot. So we only control our destiny and the battle cry is just win against Adamson, and let the chips fall where they may.

That is why I ALWAYS prefer to watch the games live. You can even pull pranks on a friend who left the game early due to professional commitments (We told our friend who left early that we lost the game. I guess he didn’t have a good business meeting until later that evening when he eventually found our prank out. Sorry for that Seph. That was Sid and Raoul, not me :-D) . You can only do this by watching the games live I tell you.

And by watching live yesterday, I didn’t only witness a Perfect Game. I witnessed a Perfect Game played under a Perfect Storm. And a not so perfect personal prank. 😀