Mark Dyke is set to move on

Mark Dyke’s whereabouts have finally been revealed.

The 6’3 forward from NU High School played last season for the Green Archers, averaging 1.6 points in 27.7 total minutes of court action. Earlier this year, he was part of the squad that played in an invitational tournament in Davao.

He went missing after that as he was no longer part La Salle’s roster in the Filoil tournament and just recently, the BLIA Cup in Taiwan. At that point it was already certain that he is no longer part of the team and is expected to transfer.

After much speculation as to where he will end up, Dyke was spotted playing for the Tamaraws just a few days ago in the ongoing Milcu tournament.

In his tweet yesterday, Mark expressed his heartfelt thanks to his former team and the entire La Salle community. No sense of negativity and bitterness.

Mark is the latest addition to the growing list of players who transferred after a one year stint witht the Green Archers. Nico Elorde, Dan Sara, Terrence Mustre to name a few– all felt that they need to be in a situation where they can get more exposure to fully develop as a player. It was not an issue about academics.

Some might raise an eyebrow with his decision but everyone needs to understand that for a player like him that was highly recruited from the high school ranks, an opportunity to play professional basketball is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.  At the end of the day, it’s all about chasing one’s dream and if that is his choice, we need to respect that.

Playing for the Green Archers is tough. With the team’s ability to get the best talent possible, expect more cases of player transfers to happen. That’s the reality we must accept. Aside from the opportunity for good education, players are recruited with the initial thought that they have the potential to fit in well to the team’s system. Sadly, things sometimes don’t turn out the way as planned.

We wish Mark Dyke all the best in his new team.  Thanks for being part of the ride last season.