Green Archers face tough three-game stretch

The Green Archers have been undermanned since their season opener but they continue to play hard to remain within striking distance of the top two spots in the team standings.

Their resolve will be tested big-time starting tomorrow to begin a three-game swing in seven days. This upcoming stretch will very well determine how far they can go despite not having Kib Montalbo and Taane Samuel for almost the entire elimination round.

La Salle shall be facing a UP Fighting Maroons squad that will surely go all out to end their three-game slump. Coming off a heartbreaking loss to Adamson last Wednesday, UP is expected to play with resilience and a sense of desperation as another loss will push them down further. And with desperation comes urgency.

Now this situation is something the Green Archers could work to their advantage. The pressure is clearly on UP’s side since they are expected to do well this season and make the final four. On the other hand for La Salle, many have doubts as to whether they can even make it to the semis. Fortunately for us, the team appears to be performing much better with an underdog mentality.

For tomorrow, the Green Archers just needs to continue to grind it out on both ends. The Maroons are athletic and very offensive minded but have a tendency to make a lot of turnovers and bad shots when the pressure is on. The defense needs to be locked in especially in the perimeter. Let’s not forget how UP torched them in the first round last year.

The Maroons are not known for their defense so we can count on La Salle to make the most of their advantage inside the paint. It is important that they don’t engage UP in a shootout. Defense will be the deciding factor here.

The road just gets tougher at the point. It will be interesting to see how the Green Archers will hold up.