The “Kot’s” (Coach’s) Perspective

Hey it’s getting really exciting!!!! And it’s only the first game of the second round. A lot of highlights indeed! And some very interesting sidelights as well.

It’s a “Kots’s” dream!!!!! Hahahaha what a fun season.

To begin with, the 1-6ers are looooooong gone. Three games ago. Goodbye. Scratch one “kots”.

Secondly, the Bates hates mates are also beginning to disappear. Well, converted into believers!!! One commented that he has a high basketball IQ. Congratulations on your newly found “coach’s eyes”.

Thirdly, the rotation is now solid. The first five is structured and the people coming off the bench are not sequential anymore. They are planned to the opponent’s personnel on court. It’s now based on defensive assignments, not offensive juggernauts.

Fourthly and most importantly, the roles are beginning to be well defined.

With all of these in place. It’s a “kots’s” dream. They can decide to go big, pressure the ball, attack, rebound, fast break, set up, and lock down.

Issa Gaye was rendered useless. Gang rebounding negated his height. And when he got taken out, Justin Baltazar was unleashed. For a 25-25 game. Wow. Looks like an eyeglass prescription.

Next, the twin walls of Bartlett and Lojera locked down on the ball distributors. Did you see them jumping and fighting through screens, going over them instead of under? Hell, no room to shoot, nor ball distribute.

Without an inside operator nor an effective distributor, NUs only choice was to make the pass targets, the ball carriers. Setting themselves up. Simply put, one on one basketball.

Well it should have been effective with brilliant one on one proponents, the Ildefonso brothers and JC Clemente. Unfortunately it wasn’t one on one basketball. It was one on five!!!!

How do I know? Did they have an offensive rebound at all??? If they did, well they were very few and very far between. Because from my observation, we limited them to one shot. Check our defensive rebounds. That’s one on five in any basketball book.

So what’s left to criticize kots? Free throw shooting? Hahahaha. It’s still there. 12-19. That’s still 7 points. We won big so we didn’t feel it. But in a close game….well the kots is right. Hahahaha.

Offense still not humming? We scored in the 90s and 80s in our last two games allowing 70s and 60s thrown at us. Hell we have firepower!!!!!

And the side shows!!!!! Hahahaha. I mean another kots tirade on an “unwritten” basketball code of conduct (probably saw our kots size and figured he can take him on), a referee who allegedly chooses what he wants to see, an import who uppercuts a sprawled player under the nose of the same referree. Isn’t this an entertaining season?

Next game’s test is Ateneo. Wow. They relegated us to an afternoon delight matinee instead of a blockbuster movie. Ask me what I think?

I LIKE IT!!!!! All this downgrading, selling us short, we are no longer “The” rivals of “The” school, there’s a new sherrif in town hullabaloo crap. All these sideshows, dramas, interviews of “non-hate”, the whole circus of it all. All that is GOOD for us. We are under the radar. Underdogs. Nobodies. Nothing.

Hahahaha. Wait till the end guys. That’s exactly what the hare did to the tortoise. Well, in reality, after all, we ARE green turtles actually. Of the Ninja kind.

Thanks Kots. Animo La Salle.