The Carabaos

Whew that was close!!!!! That wasn’t a basketball game. That was more of a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) affair. It was ground and pound action from the onset.

For those my age or over, you may remember a children’s show called Batibot, and a particular character, a carabao named Kardong Kayod. That’s what we did in this game. Kinayod talaga. In basketball talk, kinalabaw.

And it really were the Kardong Kayods, the Kalabaws, who plowed through in this game.

Well Balti Baltazar went monster carabao again. 23 points, 12 rebounds. And he wasn’t alone.

We also had an Australian Wild Buffalo (sus, kalabaw din yun), Brandon Bates. 10 rebounds PLUS 9 bonus points. If you will break it down once more, Brandon Bates won this game for us. No kidding.

Special mention would be baby carabao (I cannot use tamaraw), Joaqui Manuel, our supervisor of the Intangibles Department. Defended Suerte (minalas tuloy), rebounded, assisted, threw up a three point shot, hustled, nodded, and smirked.

Other farm animals also stepped up, partucularly our horses, thoroughbred Jamie Malonzo (12 points 6 rebounds, 3 steals, 1 block) and our high leaping pony, Encho Serrano (12 points, 4 assists, 2 steals).

Wow!!! Look at that amount of work!!!! Enough to power a city!!! And doubly impressive at that. Why, you may say? Because Balti, Joaqui, Andrei, Aljun, Jordan, and Jamie, were all playing with the flu or flu like symptoms, reportedly since the Ateneo game last Sunday (epidemic or bio-terrorism? Hahahaha. I kid).

To make matters worse, Lojera, Hill, Laput, and Meeker, were injured and unavailable. My gosh, we are fielding in soldiers from MASH. For the young ones, that’s a a mobile military hospital, and a comedy series in the 80s.

Thus the performance was nail biting to say the least. But also very heroic. It’s very easy to just give in to what the body tells you. I bet the trolls go on sick leave, don’t you? Anything to say now? Shhhhhh.

We are way into the battle guys. We will fight them one at a time. One play at a time. And our target is not to qualify for the final four. It’s to get the twice to beat!!!! No. 2!!!!

Hey, I have that confidence!!!! Because these Green Archers do not know the word sick. They do not know the word quit. They probably know only two words when they take the court. Work and Fight!!! Add oh, a third word.