The Green Archers’ Top 12 Plays of the Decade

We witnessed a lot of memorable highlight plays this decade that we rounded up what we feel are the top 12.

Our basis for selection is simple – did it get you out of your seat? Did you stand up and shouted at the arena or in TV as it happened?

Amazing, inspiring and absoulutely breathtaking – these are the best plays from the De La Salle Green Archers in the 2010s.

12. Ricci Rivero’s back-to-back slam dubks (2017)

11. Ferdinand’s in-your-face throwdown (2010)

10. Justine Baltazar’s fastbreak jam (2018)

9. The best of Jamie Malonzo’s aerial act (2019)

8. Joseph Marata’s timely threes down stretch (2010)

7. Joshua Torralba with the go-ahead three (2015)

6. Jeron Teng at the buzzer (2012)

5. Ben Mbala’s nasty put-back (2016)

4. Jeron calls game (2013)

3. Almond Vosotros’ shining moment in thr finals (2013)

2. Jeron is Mr. Clutch as always (2016)

1. “The Dunk” (2016)

Best Steal and Assist

Best Block